"Had a lovely day today, making a fairy house building a den, pond dipping, searching for elves and trolls and toasting marshmallows! My boys loved it! Thank you, highly recommended"

Jenna M


The experienced, friendly staff at the Eco Centre are passionate about the values of nature-based learning in people’s lives and encourage everyone to have fun outdoors. We promote positive experiences for adults & children of all ages across a wide range of activities at our picturesque outdoor facility.  

Our aim is to provide an environment that enables a sense of well-being for all. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Opening times 9:00 to 15:30 Monday to Friday.


Adult work placements

We offer regular Work Placement opportunities every day of the week for those wanting to learn new skills or brush up on existing skills. This could simply be to build your personal development or prepare for work through one of our many ‘Preparation for Employment’ sessions, giving you skills to gain a job or to help you volunteer in your community. 

Volunteering opportunities

We have many different volunteering opportunities available throughout the week and we aim to offer exciting and interesting opportunities based around the needs of the volunteer. at a time suited to you. Involvement could be for 2 hours a month or 2 days per week, it’s entirely up to you as opportunities are available at ‘Volunteer Days’ or more informal ‘pop in’ sessions. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time, feel healthier by spending time outdoors, reconnect with nature and enjoy the company of like-minded people

Your involvement could be pottering in the gardens, working in the woods, creating habitats or helping make the forest a special place for people of all ages and for struggling local wildlife. You may want to let your creative & craft side free around the woods or help out at some of our regular events.

Friends of the Eco Centre

We’ve created a new group –the  ‘Friends of the Eco Centre’ for people of all ages and backgrounds. The ‘Friends’ isn’t about ‘work parties’ or ‘hard tasks’ - we want people to join so you can try something a little different and to do something you enjoy

Your involvement could be pottering in the gardens, working in the woods, creating habitats or helping make the forest a special place for people of all ages and for struggling local wildlife. You may want to let your creative & craft side free around the woods or help out at some of our regular events.

Involvement could be for 2 hours a month or 2 days per week, it’s entirely up to you as opportunities are available at ‘Volunteer Days’ or more informal ‘pop in’ sessions. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time, feel healthier by spending time outdoors, reconnect with nature and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

The ‘Friends’ idea was suggested by our current volunteers, is completely free and offers people lots of different chances to have a go at gardening, woodland tasks, habitat creation, eco-craft or other activities. People could join an established group or maybe you could start your own group such ‘The birdwatchers’ or ‘The Pond Group’ – it’s up to you. There are lots of different ways you can become involved in protecting and enhancing areas for the wildlife and local community at the Centre

Training and tools are provided. You need to bring a packed lunch and workwear, including stout boots and waterproofs and make sure you are prepared for whatever the Lincolnshire weather may throw at us!!!

Previous experience is not required, so why not give it a go??

Flourishing Families

Our Lottery funded’ ‘Flourishing Families’ project is enabling us to provide an innovative programme of activities at the Eco Centre and out in the community. We believe that children learn so much when they are outdoors - gaining a sense of freedom to explore, learn through play and make friends in a friendly and positive environment with their trusted adults. The first three years of the Project was aimed at engaging with 8 500 people, a huge target to meet, however, over the first 3 years it exceeded all expectations by engaging with over 21 000 people, proving it’s popularity as a local resource for families. 

Our family activities celebrate the seasons and make full use of the beautiful ECO Centre’s sensory offerings – bird song, wind, rain, shine, life cycles, habitats, colours, patterns, textures and smells. 

We invite children 0-5 years and their accompanying grown-ups to take time to connect with nature and each other.

Perfect day for a daydream, watch the clouds and the trees in the breeze with your little ones.  At our toddler groups we play with mud kitchens, we dig, we dance, we get mucky, make potions, build dens, play imaginary games, enjoy toasting marshmallows whilst we sing campfire songs and read stories together before venturing on a bear hunt or other adventurous discovery.

And of course, we may even retreat to the cosy indoors of our log-cabin amongst the trees. gPlaces must be booked in advance

ECO parties

Our Eco parties happen throughout the year and are the best way of getting together for a memorable experience that will live with you and your whole family for years. Eco Centre staff lead fun children’s birthday parties, aimed at having fun and relaxing outdoors as well as team social events for young people and adults of all ages. The overall theme of the party is up to you and we’ll develop bespoke activities to suit your needs and make your day really special


Typical party & social event activities can include:

  • arts and crafts
  • woodland trails
  • campfire cooking and barbeques
  • woodcraft
  • team & woodland games
  • bushcraft and survival
Eco Crafts

We now produce many different kinds of rustic crafts at the Eco Centre. We always try to use natural materials from our woodlands at the Centre and when materials have to be brought in, we use locally sourced sustainable materials and made by local people whenever possible. We subscribe to the many ‘made locally - shop locally’ initiatives to support local communities by reducing air miles and doing our little bit to help climate change.

Why not pop along to have a look and maybe purchase some?

You could get involved yourself in one of our many interesting sessions by having a go at making them yourself. Any crafts you make during these sessions can be taken home.

Please contact us through this website or social media to find out details of how to become involved  

Educational visits – the ‘School in the Woods’

Are you looking to escape the classroom for a one-off visit or arrange a regular programme that boosts children’s progress over a term or whole school year?

Our innovative outdoor education programme ‘School in the Woods’ offers a wide range of pupil-centred sessions based wholly on the needs of the group or the relevant topics being studied in your setting. We work with Early Years settings, Primary, Secondary & Special schools, colleges, universities and home educators to provide exceptional outdoor learning experiences for individuals & groups of all ages and abilities. The comments we mostly hear from groups is ‘we don’t want to go’ and ‘that was the best day ever’!!

Contact us to discuss your needs – your learning adventure starts here!

A person-centred approach is at the heart of our practice – where we support individuals of all abilities to get the most out of nature-based learning.

The School in the Woods programmes cover the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 at our woodland site using a Forest School ethos.

The bespoke sessions support national curriculum/EYFS requirements through diverse outdoor activities that connect children with nature in a meaningful, hands-on way.  Join us for storytelling, singing, exploration, discovery, bushcraft, survival, adventure, team games and purposeful play in the exciting environment of the ECO centre – one of our mottos is ‘Explore & Experience’

We aim for every child to have a safe, inspiring and enjoyable visit where self-esteem, confidence and social skills are promoted. Each session is differentiated to suit the ages/abilities of the children, fully risk assessed and planned by our experienced staff. We can accommodate most learning themes and topics within the natural rhythm of our outdoor sessions.

Parents/carers as partners

We support schools and Early Years settings to offer their families exciting opportunities to get involved with their children’s education. Why not contact us to arrange a Family Event at our site?

We also provide inspirational Family Learning courses throughout the year – please get in touch to discuss your needs further.

Wild Gang Holiday Clubs

The clubs happen every school holiday, normally on Tuesdays, but please contact us for more details and keep an eye on our social media profiles for more detailed information about the exact dates & times. Look out for our seasonal themed activities during every school holiday which are aimed at children of all ages and their adults.

Explore & experience nature together, take part in self led trails and Eco Centre staff-led activities, spend memorable days with us creating dens, making natural crafts, having a go at bushcraft skills and learn about the woodland creatures at the Eco Centre.


At The Coastal Eco Centre we believe that children learn best from first hand experiences. Forest school activities offer children the chance to learn through play-based learning opportunities that encourage exploration, experience and imagination.

Sessions are planned by the leader but are instigated by the children’s preferred learning styles and interests. Sessions are designed that are based on these findings. We aim to develop high self esteem, build a sense of independence and learn new ways to co-operate and communicate.

 Children of all ages and abilities find special places and things to do in the woods, they learn that they can succeed and gain a feeling of self worth, build their confidence and learn excellent social skills at the same time.

Eco Home Education

The Eco centre offers outdoor learning sessions for children aged 5 to teenagers and their parents/carers; All sessions will be based around the needs of the individual and group and can be led as informal socialising sessions or more formally by following a bespoke plan for the term or year that follows the children’s interests and nurturing a love of nature. Please contact us to find out more details and how you can become involved.

Eco to you

We can come to your school or setting with our staff, equipment and resources to run taster activities or a more regular set of sessions in your grounds.

We have many years experience of bringing outdoor activities to schools to support the children's learning.  So whatever your facilities we have the capability to bring topics to life using the outdoors. Our activities can be linked to curriculum topics that relate to the outdoors and the natural world.  Whether you are looking for a one off session or regular PPA cover or enrichment clubs during or after the school day - contact us for more details and our availability.

We are happy to attend meetings/assemblies/events with our display stands or give talks about our work.

Looking for outdoor learning environment consultancy? We can support you to develop your school/setting grounds – please contact us to discuss your needs and to see how we can help your grounds development.

Eco Team Building & Corporate days / events

The Eco Centre offers a range of innovative outdoor team building sessions at our woodland centre. We can support personal and team development to enable more effective working towards common goals.  A range of team building packages are available; suitable for businesses, students and volunteers, and can be developed to suit groups of all sizes and ages.

Please contact us for more details

Eco Community

At the Eco Centre we aim to support individuals to reach their full potential through engaging outdoor and nature based experiences. We are passionate about supporting the needs of the local community – providing individuals with the skills and opportunities to move towards their goals. All of our activities are person-centred and we pride ourselves in our desire to offer services to all sectors of our local community.

We aim to break down barriers to learning, development and progression for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in a safe, friendly environment here at the Eco Centre

Join us for

  • volunteering and social experiences
  • advice and support with mental health issues
  • employability and skills training
  • Provision for individuals with learning differences and or disabilities
  • access to a host of information on further opportunities available in the community


Let the great outdoors start a great new chapter in your life; get in touch we would love to meet you. We are based in our local community and run by members of the community, and aim to support communities by making them stronger and more resilient.

We offer tailored support to individuals and groups – if you are a member of a group that would like new experiences or to increase skills, please contact us for more details

Community & Sensory Garden

Our Community & Sensory garden is being developed with advice from our local community and will offer a range of sensory experiences for people of all ages,. Why not pop along and let us know what you would like to see there, maybe to give a hand and look at how some innovative ideas are showcased so people can be inspired to try new things at home.

Thank you for voting for our community garden project in your local TESCO store as this enabled us to kick start the garden for our local community. New ideas are suggested all the time so watch this space for the ever changing (and improving) garden. Please contact us to become a volunteer on the project and to register your interest in our Growing Group.

Continual Professional Development

We offer CPD and other staff development training with a difference – experience the wonders of outdoor learning whilst reflecting with colleagues on key sector topics such as – promoting boys’ progress, supporting babies and toddlers outdoors, leadership and management skills, understanding behaviour, facilitating meaningful Observation Assessment & Planning strategies.

If you require a more generalised session to build teamwork, or brush up your outdoor learning  skills we can develop a bespoke programme to suit your needs.

A full day of training starts at just £20 per person – please get in touch with us to talk about your training needs.

Adult Education with PCDL

We run a full range of courses and sessions fully funded by Lincolnshire County Council. Sessions range from 6 to over 16 hours and each course is free of charge for people over 19 years of age. They are developed to be suitable for people of all abilities and run at times to suit the needs of the individual. Activities are run at the Eco Centre in Skegness in a safe, nurturing environment and cover a wide range of themes including Preparation for Employment, Health & Safety, EcoWellness, Mindfulness and Building Confidence, Team working skills, Habitat Creation, Woodland Management, Wildlife Conservation, Family Fun, Family Learning,  Fun in the Forest, Gardening and Horticulture, Volunteering and many more. Please drop us a line or message us through social media for more information and to find out how you can become involved in this free, fun-filled but valuable programme to help build skills and personal development

The EcoWellness Project

The Eco-Wellness Project reaches out to people of all ages & abilities suffering poor mental health who would benefit from being involved in a wide range of engaging, relaxing,  therapeutic, healthy  community-based innovative indoor & outdoor activities. It improves  well-being & physical health, your feeling of self-belief, motivation, pride and allows you to feel less isolated – and have some fun.

The EcoWellness Project offers a range of healthy, exciting, engaging and relaxing user-centred activities indoors and outdoors in the comfort & safety of the relaxed Eco Centre in Skegness. Activities will take place up to 7 days per week throughout the year at times to suit the needs of the participants. There are specific sessions taking place dependent on individual’s need & offers opportunities to people irrespective of age, ability or background.


Some of the benefits of being involved

  • Improving your wellness and personal safety
  • Increasing your feeling of self-belief, self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Improve your positive relationships, physical & mental health
  • Builds skills across a range of subject areas where your individual needs are identified and met
ECO community club & group support

We work closely with many different local groups; including Skegness Scouts, Guides, Skegness Triathlon, Linkage Community Trust, County Care, Orby Opportunities, all local Primary schools Secondary schools, Probus clubs, Local WI groups, The Village, and many many more to name but a few. The ECO Centre provides the perfect setting for fun, adventurous and relaxing pursuits and a range of activities tailored to meet the needs of your group. Please call us or contact us through social media to find out how we can develop bespoke activities to support your group or organisation. 

The MOVE Project

The MOVE Project is a three-year Big Lottery Fund/ ESF funded Building Better Opportunities project aiming to help those people furthest away from employment to identify, address and overcome barriers to finding paid work.

It brings together a strong network of 24 local third sector organisations and colleges to build on existing employability services and provide more consistent, accessible and joined-up support.

It is completely independent of DWP or Jobcentre Plus, and participation is in no way mandatory. All support is offered free of charge, and clients may be eligible for funding towards care and travel costs to help them participate. AT the Eco Centre we run a very successful Project that has helped many many people develop their skills and confidence through a range of support activities matched to their individual needs

Support available to clients

  • Tailored one-to-one support with a trained advisor throughout the programme
  • Setting SMART actions and goals to measure success
  • Employability support, including CV writing, interview practice and job clubs
  • Volunteering as a route to employment
  • Digital skills training
  • Learning and skills development; opportunities to gain qualifications
  • Mentoring and progression support
  • Financial support for childcare, respite care and travel expenses

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